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Preview of FashionBaker: End-User Cakephp Package


Wordpress, Blogs & Joomla - What's New!

So I Guess I Am An Architect Now

New Rolling Stone Ad

Upcoming Designs & Websites!


See what I am currently working on.

Keywords: graphic design projects, websites under development

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Putting the Product Forward


An extremely simple but helpful design principle.

Keywords: branding, products, e-commerce, design, focus

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CAKEPHP FX View Helper v01.00


Create custom font headings within cakephp view files.

Keywords: cakephp helper, custom font headings

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Why I Don't Like Flash Websites


It's not because they don't look great.

Keywords: seo, flash, mobile browsing

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So You Want A New Website?


An outline of how I create a new website for a client.

Keywords: website development, new website

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Businesses and Social Networking


Web design thoughts on businesses connecting with people on sites like facebook, twitter, youtube & myspace.

Keywords: facebook, social networking, business to consumer, youtube, twitter, myspace

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High Quality FLV encoding from DVD


A walkthrough of how I cut .flv clips from a dvd.

Keywords: flv, ffmpeg, dvd, hq, high quality

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Magento: Impressive Open Source E-Commerce


An Overview of the platform

Keywords: magento, e-commerce, open source

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